Reflection 3: Charrette process: Benefits and disadvantages

I found the charrette process to be helpful and insightful. Working with a partner, whom assumed the role as a teacher, highlighted many different design flaws and triumphs that I had overlooked. These were some definite advantages and I intend to use this process again.

In terms of disadvantages, I often found myself neglecting my own opinion and agreeing to what my partner said without much thought. This is an issue that I will have to overcome. It showed me that I need to be more confident in my own thoughts and to express myself clearly at all times.

Together, my partner and I completed a VAST heuristic observation and mind map. I have included these as images to show our thought processes.

Brainstorming the “problems” of the space. Photo by K.G
A completed VAST Heuristic outlining the combined views and opinions of my partner and myself. Photo by K.G

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