Hello! My name is Krystal Gagen-Spriggs and I am a…

  • Teacher librarian
  • Social science (specifically modern history and geography) and music teacher!
  • Wife of a gym owner – VALHALLA Strength – South Brisbane.
  • Vlogger on YouTube
  • Avid reader and TV binger
  • Lover of all things technology
  • Advocate for mental and physical wellbeing
  • Staunch believer in “if she can see it, she can be it”
  • Lifelong learner

This blog was initially started to use as a tool to teach my students about blogging. Since its creation in 2016, a lot has happened, and so this site has gone through some significant changes. “But what has happened?” you might ask…

On January 15th 2017, my husband and I opened a gym together. It is called VALHALLA Strength – South Brisbane and it has changed my world. Since opening I have learned a lot about myself, my husband, our members, and small business owner life, but more importantly, it has opened my eyes to how my students view me, and their thoughts about what women can and cannot do. I have decided to combine my two worlds into one. I will still use this blog to teach my students about blogging, but I will also share my thoughts on life in general.

I have chosen to maintain this blog not only as a way of demonstrating to my students how to be professional online, but to broaden their minds about who people are and all that they can do.

I intend to use this blog to connect with other teacher librarians, avid readers, lifelong learners, gym owners, lifters, and generally like-minded people. I shall post my own opinions and questions on a range of topics. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

Disclaimer: all images used are either owned by myself, used with permission, or are Public Domain.