The book EVERYONE is talking about

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls has certainly made waves in the literary world. I first heard about this book when Rebecca Sparrow attended the International Women’s Day Breakfast we hosted here in the iCentre and raved about this book! She did such a great job of selling it that almost all of the attendees wanted a copy! Since then I have purchased myself and copy and I absolutely adore it. I was so excited to learn that there was Volume 2 coming later this year!

I thought I’d quickly share my reasons for why I love this book:

  • I am learning so many things that I have never even heard of! The number of women in here that I am learning about is amazing, and they are all so inspiring. One story in particular has made a massive impact on me. It’s the story of the teenage girl that designs and makes a torch that gives light by using body heat for power! I won’t tell you which extraordinary woman it is, you’ll have to get the book to find out for yourself!
  • I love the way that each story is a perfect short story. They are quick, full of facts, have a moral, are inspiring, and the artwork is divine!
  • There are so many different role models! From artists to astronauts, poets to pirates, the variety is astounding and I loved reading every short story. I loved that they broadened my mind, taught me something new, inspired me to do some research and learn more about these extraordinary women!

In my humble opinion, every person (not just girls/women) should read this. Its a fascinating insight into what these extraordinary women have achieved.


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