Interview with a 19 year old… Part 2

My interview with 19 year old E, a 2nd year uni student, soon turned towards the more traditional popular culture mediums, such as books, movies, TV series and music.  It was again interesting to note the we agreed on many things.

When asked about what kinds of books she likes to read, E responded with:

I love reading all books, as I enjoy all forms of narrative and can take enjoyment from it as a break from studying

She went on to say that reading was something that she liked to do a few times a week, at least, and that is was her way of escaping. It was also interesting to discover that E was not a fan of electronic readers, that she much prefers the feel of the book in her hands. When talking about her friends and what they read she stated that not many of her friends read any more.  Although this does not change her opinion of them, it is something that enjoys encouraging them to do through recommending books or series they might like. She says it is quite fun.

Image from: modi
Image from: modi

In terms of movies, E says that she loves watching all movie genres because she finds them entertaining. When asked about going to the movies with her friends and how that impacts her relationships, she answered:

We all love going to the theatres to watch a new movie out and having a good laugh or cry over it. It doesn’t impact my friendships, but it does strengthen the ones I do have now, as we can have a good night out.

When discussing movies based on novels E response was not typical of one that is a book lover. It starts out singing the same tune as most book fans, but I found it really interesting when she stated that she still loves seeing the movies, no matter what.

Her final say on the current, popular novel series (such as Hunger Games and Divergent) was this:

They all have the teenage theme of a dystopia world and the themes of teen love and of course the ever popular coming of age stories. [Everyone relates to them because…] we are going through it or have been through it. It says a lot about our culture in the sense that it’s part of our identity, and people can relate to it, but they are also fictional and you can take enjoyment from reading about a fantasy, futuristic world.

When discussing TV series that she likes to watch, E was very adamant that she does not enjoy reality shows or current affair type shows.  She stated that she watches fictional shows for the pure enjoyment and to connect with some of her friends.  Her feelings on what she watched and how it related to her relationships was this:

Image from: Ripley Patton
Image from: Ripley Patton

I watch lots of TV shows… [My friends and I] do watch the same shows, but I also have certain friends who watch certain shows, then other friends who I can bond over another show with. We all have different tastes and so we can bond over different things.

Our final point of discussion was the music industry.  Whilst E enjoyed listening to a variety of music, often discovered on the radio in her car, she certainly had an interesting point to make regarding her thoughts on popular music today:

Well it’s certainly degrading women and also telling men that it’s okay to treat a female like a sexual object, which is how our society currently runs. Sex sells, always. So maybe it’s pretty bad for young children to be listening to songs like that, especially young females who are still trying to find their place in the world, but it can also be fun if you’re not taking it too seriously and are just enjoying dancing along to the song.’

Image from: Real Player Cloud
Image from: Real Player Cloud

This last statement got me thinking about how popular culture really does have something for everyone these days.  It’s was a great realisation that through the amount of popular culture mediums we now have, people can connect and communicate with others that have similar things in common.

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