Reflection 1: First thoughts about my swamp

My ‘swamp’ is a large, two storied space; an overgrown, untidy maze in which learning treasures may be found if you look carefully among the junk. Furniture and desk space are afforded pride of place, whilst little thought of the valuable, tangible learning resources is given. Meeting spaces and comfy couches crowd the floor; a small shelving area houses the wonderful world of fiction.  A slightly larger, no nonsense area is home to the non-fiction resources. Priority is placed on appearances rather than substance and students are yet to realise their research skills have been neglected or forgotten, unless you count ‘Google-ing’. There are many soundproof, glass boxes in which students can meet and be envied by outsiders. They are forced to meet instead in a comfortable, public area where noise is frowned upon. This space is a place of meeting, but only, realistically, in the glass boxes that outsiders envy.

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