Reflection 2: Who and what is valued at Learning Space A?

Learning Space A values self-directed, or inquiry, learning. It is a 5 story building, with a clear progression of learning activities towards the upper levels. Although the lower levels of the space are designed for collaborative learning, it was clear that as I approached levels 4 and 5, the space had developed completely into a haven of solitary learning.

The large windows provide beautiful views of the city and create a calm atmosphere. The solitary sounds of typing, breathing and shuffling researches are all that fills the top levels. Access to an outdoor balcony provides a refuge from the silence, however it did not seem to be popular.

The hidden nooks behind rows of shelves and glass boxes with small tables suggested that learners are independent here. If you require help, you must return to the Help Desk on level 2. The lack of signage suggests that learners are familiar with the layout of the space. It was clear to me that the space is designed with regular uses in mind.

Biography of a Place - Site A
Biography of a Place – Site A, page 1
Biography of a Place – Site A, page 2

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