Life update for 2020

In this crazy time of 2020 I, like so many others, have had to make some hard decisions about what I want out of this year. And so, I thought I’d write a quick update about where I’m at and give some details around those hard decisions. In my 2020 goals post earlier this year, I set out do to the following:

  1. Word of the year = courage
  2. Reading = 52 books
  3. Study = start PhD
  4. Work = Highly Accomplished Teacher Accreditation (HAT) and various gym competitions
  5. Physical Health = run 2021 Walt Disney World Marathon
  6. Mental Health = continue looking after myself

So, what’s changed? Well, my word of the year has been more important than I could have imagined. The crazy world we live in at the moment is requiring lots of courage from so many people for all different reasons. I myself have had to have the courage to make some really tough decisions and to keep putting myself first.

My reading goal is holding steady. I read to escape and it’s currently keeping me sane!

I am excited to announce that I have started my PhD with Charles Sturt University. I am only in the beginning phases but I am already excited by what I’ve read and what I’m thinking. More on this later.

As for HAT accreditation; I made the decision to not pursue this within the first two weeks of school this year. I am teaching a new subject this year and it’s quite full on. I decided that I didn’t need the extra pressure of completing the HAT process on top of designing and delivering a new subject. It was difficult to make this decision, however once I did I felt like a weight had been taken off my chest and I felt much more settled. I have continued to collect evidence though, and will consider going through the process next year.

As for the 2021 marathon… well, the gym that my husband and I own had to close due to the virus that shall not be named. This has had financial impact and added all other sorts of stress. With Australia closing it’s international boarders and travel anywhere completely up in the air at the moment (pun intended because you have to laugh…), it doesn’t seem like a smart plan to book flights/accommodation for January 2021 when who knows what will happen. I’m not going to lie, making this decision was hard and it hurt but I completely see the wisdom in it. I am going to maintain training and have a few virtual runs lined up that I want to complete, and you can bet that I will be doing the Walt Disney World Marathon at some point in my life! Hopefully in January 2022… As for the competitions at the gym? Who knows what’s going to happen there! We’ll make decisions about each event as we go in accordance with government regulations.

Like a lot of people, my mental health has taken a hit over the last few weeks. I am continuing to work with my GP and psychologist on ways that I can keep healthy during this time.

So, some big changes to my original plans in 2020. I am proud of the way that I have dealt with these changes. My word of the year, courage, has certainly helped me make some tough decisions. I am choosing to use a little bit of Disney magic in my life (photos from past trips, music, YouTube videos, Disney+) to keep me positive and working towards my marathon goal. I hope that everyone is finding their own ways to keep busy, stay optimistic, and maintain social connections.

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  1. wrgp says:

    Hey Krystal! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences of 2020 so far so courageously (see what I did there?). You are certainly not alone.


    1. Thanks Penny πŸ™‚


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