That moment I realised I knew almost nothing

It has recently come to my attention that I have lived a very sheltered life. I never thought of myself as someone that was naive and ignorant, but during the last couple of months I have discovered that there is a lot of things in the world that I have no idea about. I won’t share the ridiculously long list of things I’ve realised that I know nothing, or very little about. What I will share though is how I’m planning to rectify this.

Before I do so, there are a few things that I want to clarify first.

Firstly, I do not blame anyone but myself for my ignorance. My teachers had curriculum priorities, and my family and friends had their own struggles and knowledge to contend with. I take full responsibility for my lack of knowledge.

Secondly, it has taken 29 years for me to even have an interest in learning beyond my own experiences and knowledge. When you take that leap towards true intelligence, where you realise that you actually know very little, it’s scary but also kind of freeing. I have so much more to learn and I’m excited to do the work.

Lastly, I acknowledge that I will never know everything. However, I can certainly to my best to learn as much as I can!

And so, I will go about fixing my serious lack of knowledge by doing the following…

1. I am diversifying the stories that I read and watch to include more #ownvoices creators.
2. I will pay more active attention to reliable, independent news sources
3. I will conduct research when I realise that I don’t know something – I will not rely on people telling me the answer…
4. I will listen to and learn from people that have different backgrounds and experiences to me.
5. I will keep conversations around human rights at the forefront of everything that I do.

To me, these steps are steps that we can all do. I challenge you all to commit to acknowledging that you don’t know everything and to put in the work to do what you can to fix this.

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