An Introduction to Expert Searching

When it comes to inquiry learning acknowledging that we do not know everything about everything is the first step. It is unrealistic to assume that one can know everything about a topic in today’s ever growing world of information access.

By acknowledging this we are able to begin to learn appropriate research techniques that can assist us in understanding what we don’t know.

The following mind map was created during my initial researching process and outlines some of the things I am excited about, have reservations about, what I already know and what I would like to know. It also shows a quick snapshot of the results I received when doing some initial searches on both Google and Google Scholar.

A mind map created using an online tool called
A mind map created using an online tool called

To further investigate inquiry learning and to answer the questions I have, the following tools shall be used:

  • Google
  • Google Scholar
  • A+ Education
  • ProQuest Education
  • Social Media

Each of these tools can be referred to as academic searching tools. They allow users to research and access reliable resources that provide valuable information for academic research. Each of these tools shall be further explored in this blog, but first, a brief introduction to each in the following posts.

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