Tools for Content Creation

There are so many tools available for digital content creation; it can be very overwhelming! I thought I’d give a quick rundown of the tools I use to create content for blogs, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify.

“Free” Content

By now we should all know about Creative Commons Licensing and what images we CAN and CANNOT use. Just in case it needs to be said, please don’t just use any old image from Google Images… You need to make sure that the content you are using is licensed for your use, meaning that you’re allowed to reuse it or edit it or share it or whatever else you might like to do with it. Here’s a list of sites I like to use to find content that I can use (provided the license says so):

  1. Creative Commons
  2. Pixabay
  3. Flikr
  4. Vimeo
  5. Pexels

Remember, you still need to check the content you want to use for the license. Some will allow you to do to whatever you like with the content, others will require that you to attribute the creator. Best rule of thumb – DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING!

Of course, the other thing you can do is create your own content! The tool that I use for this is Canva. Canva is free tool and allows you to create content using its bank of templates, images, text and more. It’s easy to use and can create some beautiful content. I use it to create images for Instagram, my podcast artwork, the introductions to my YouTube videos and more.


There are a couple of tools I use for this:

Screen recording software:

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows
  2. QuickTime for Apple
  3. Screencast-O-Matic for all devices

Video recording devices:

  1. Smart phone – Honestly, your smart phone is probably going to be easiest! Use Google Photos (Android) or iCloud (Apple) to sync your phones videos/photos with your computer
  2. DSLR Camera – If you want to get fancy, than a DSLR can take great video BUT it’s microphone is pretty terrible so consider how you’d work around that
  3. Webcam/Laptop Camera – If you don’t mind potentially low quality imagery, your webcam might be an easy option for you!

Video editing software:

  1. DaVinci Resolve – free and useable on all devices. A little clunky and takes some getting used to but it’s powerful
  2. Video Editor for Windows – simple, surprisingly powerful
  3. iMovie for Apple – very easy to use!


Audio is tricky. Do you want to add music to your video? If yes, I suggest checking out the “free” sounds available in the platform you’re using or trying the Free Content sites I provided above. Want to record your own voice and nothing else? Audacity is your best friend for that. Available on both Apple and Windows machines, it’s also a little clunky but powerful. There’s also a lot of help available due to its open source nature.

One that does it all…

Of course, you can always use the Adobe Stock option. With this you can have a certain number of downloads for free before you have to pay for a membership or buy credits to spend on products. There’s no doubt that this platform has some great stuff! So have a look around and maybe use those free credits.

Use what works best for you

At the end of the day, you need to use what is most comfortable for you. Choose the platform that seems easiest and have a play. The only way to get comfortable with these things it to try them out. Click all the buttons, experiment and see what happens. When you find one you like, create something and share it!

*Feature image provided by the Pexels Free Photos library in WordPress*

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